Hanseatic period

The history of the Hanseatic League

Viljandi was first mentioned in the papers of the Hanseatic League in 1346. 
An interesting fact about the history of the Hanseatic League is that Viljandi was located at the crossroads of the Hanseatic trade route, which meant a brisk trade. The main Hanseatic trade route was Pärnu-Viljandi-Tartu.

Several trading companies in Viljandi have included in their name the word "hansa", such as the Hansa Candle, Hansa Lines, Hansa Fireworks. The Hanseatic Days take place every summer in Viljandi including big Hansamarket. Those are as testimonies today of the Hanseatic League - a reflection of the word "Hansa" in the urban environment.
Todays symbol in the city characterising the Hanseatic days is Bonifacius Guild – organizer of Hanseatic fairs, organizer of Medieval Days, various handicraft workshops, hanseatic clothing(selling and sewing)