Right at the centre of Estonia, in Viljandi county, lies a city that is born to be creative. Over the long years of its existence many artists, actors and musicians, but also industrialist, tradesmen and innovators have come here.

Today Viljandi is moving in a rhythm that makes living here an experience in itself. Viljandi is a place where parents walk to school with their children and then go to work themselves. It is a place where people discuss how to improve their community. It is a place where talented individuals can form their ideas into products that bring joy to those who live far beyond our borders.

In Viljandi it is a custom to welcome our visitors with best music, theatre and cuisine. There are not many town of similar size in the world that could boast a professional theatre, several venues that organize regular concerts and entertainment and cafés that rightfully claim to serve the best coffee, food and service compared to anywhere in the world.

In Viljandi both the nightclub-loving party-goer and the midnight chess-match-seeker can find something to do. Viljandi Culture Academy keeps the population of Viljandi young and vital, with many student-organized events keeping the cultural scene fresh throughout the year.

Come and be part of Viljandi's relaxing vibe. Plays, concerts, tastes and of course long walks on the magnificent slopes of lake Viljandi are waiting for you all year around.

This is Viljandi – born to be creative.